OpenGates Checklist

An Anti-Gatekeeping Checklist for Dev Content Creators

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A reference checklist of things to help you avoid gatekeeping in your dev posts, articles, videos, talks, presentations, podcasts, sites, and in any other content.

Anti-gatekeeping Checklist

The checklist is not in order of importance. It is broken down into sections to help us understand how each item helps us promote inclusion and avoid gatekeeping.

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Gender Inclusion

Cultural Inclusion

Disability Inclusion

Race Inclusion

Ethnic Inclusion

Age inclusion

Make People Feel Welcome

For In-person Events

Accessibility (a11y) is a right

Accessibility is a right. Yes, literally it is the law in some countries. See Web Accessibility Laws & Policies for details on the accessibility and anti-discrimination laws in your country. In many cases, the accessibility laws follow WCAG 2.0 standards or a derivative. Below are some important considerations to ensure your systems are inclusive and accessible to diverse audiences:


People with sensory sensitivities or conditions such as epilepsy should be able to engage while avoiding triggers


People should be able see and read even with impaired vision


People who require certain methods of interacting or need different forms of access should be able to engage


Content is arranged in a way that makes sense and uses language that most people understand