OpenGates Checklist

An Anti-Gatekeeping Checklist for Dev Content Creators

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Before You Use the Checklist

It’s important to understand that just using OpenGates will not magically prevent gatekeeping or toxicity in your content. You and your team will need to make conscious efforts to work on the items on the list.

As a developer and a content creator, it is your job to make sure that every piece of content you put out is inclusive, welcoming, and accessible to all. This checklist is here to make your life easier. No longer will you need to remember every single thing you need to do in order to stop accidental gatekeeping of CodeNewbies and newer programmers when creating and building.

Do know that depending on what you are building, some of the list items may not apply.

The Checklist

Access the latest version of OpenGates Checklist here:

Adopters of OpenGates

OpenGates Checklist has been adopted by developer content creators since 2021. Here are some of our adopters:

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Contributors of OpenGates

OpenGates would be nothing without our awesome contributors. We appreciate single person who has take the time to help OpenGates reduce gatekeeping in our dev communities.

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